Author Topic: Not meaning to sound like i'm nit-picking (regarding user scores.)  (Read 7147 times)


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... But i've noticed that some of the more helpful members aren't getting scores on their user profiles that i feel reflect their contribution to the forums here...

I mean, Jean and a couple others have been pretty much instrumental here in helping myself and a whole heck of a lot of others here and they've got low scores usually... i know this is a silly thing to nitpick but the way i see it, those scores help users understand who has a better track record of providing good assistance (or so is my perception.) and i think that their scores really ought to be much higher than they are.

Dunno... just saying. though, i do think that it might be helpful to let users (maybe users that have been here for a couple weeks so as to reduce score-sniping) rate other users on their helpfulness... and as such, i haven't seen where i can add to one's score.

i know this is a little thing and a bit of a nit-pick but for someone new, coming in here and being able to know who the power-helpers here are i think could help.

Thank you for your time.
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Re: Not meaning to sound like i'm nit-picking (regarding user scores.)
« Reply #1 on: June 06, 2013, 02:31:46 AM »

There is a "karma" option on SMF:

Maybe it could be enabled, But I have mixed feelings with this.

On the plus side, it will motivate people in answering because it does feel good to get recognytions, that's for sure.

But to be honest, this forum doesn't need this it seems, everyone is chilled out and respectful to each other, even when obviously pressure is on at certain points, when one needs to deliver or "waisted" the day without any results.

I am also concerned about the wrong usage of Karma where one would get bad karma instead of giving karmas to the one that deserve it. I would prefer a system where you can only give positive Karmas, leaving the one who wants to complain to do it publicly at least, not by just pressing one button and leave... that is my main worry here. Someone that put a "bad" post knows he did... no need to remind him for life everytime he opens the forum... that's not constructive imo.




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Re: Not meaning to sound like i'm nit-picking (regarding user scores.)
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Jean, I have build several forums/communities, and you are absolutely right!

It's a strange thing, but being able to "like" and even worse "dislike" some thing or someone is actually making the tone worse.

Cheers :)