Author Topic: Mouse Lock - Resets mouse position to screen center?  (Read 10806 times)


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Re: Mouse Lock - Resets mouse position to screen center?
« Reply #15 on: August 02, 2013, 04:42:04 PM »
oh, that article looks interesting! I'll give that a read :) Yes, the ultimate outcome of this would be if the animations could work with the system that i have now - though maybe after not shooting for 2-3 seconds, the gun will be put on the character's back, and he will face the direction he is running instead of facing the mouse - and when the player clicks the mouse, he will put the gun in his hands and be ready to shoot in the direction the mouse is pointing, all while movement controls with WASD is relative to the camera angle.

The only difference being that with a controller, the character will rotate to face the direction you are pushing the right stick, instead of facing a point in the world (like the mouse cursor)

For now, I might just continue developing the more important aspects like shooting, AI, the world, crafting, leveling and ALL the other stuff :P and then maybe in a year when I'm at a good point i might be able to hire someone better than me (like jean or alex :P) to work their magic on the animations

My idea was originally inspired by Wasteland 2, actually. I wanted to make a post apocalyptic survival game (because i love the genre), and i thought that wasteland was taking an interesting look at it, using top-down (which isn't very common in the genre tbh) but i wanted to see if i could move away from the turn-based RTS aspect, and make it more real-time combat etc.

As you saw, I also changed the concept of the world to being a frozen wasteland (my idea for the story is that the world was hit by a giant astroid, wiping out most of the population, leaving most of the world behind as a toxic radioactive wasteland. On top of that, the impact knocked the earth out of orbit, moving it further away from the sun, ultimately leading to a huge climate change (maybe even on the brink of a new iceage or something like that)

I have plans for factions, towns, mutants, RPG elements, scavenging, crafting, vehicles & building (placing objects in the world, building your own base etc) I have a pretty big world as it is right now that also needs to be further designed. As a one-man team this is gonna take years probably, but I've promised myself to keep at it as one of many side-projects of mine while i study.

One thing that would be amazing would be if i could get co-op in there, but after trying to work with photon with playmaker, i've been completely scared off. It gave me a bunch of errors in the logs about missing actions etc, and even when that doesn't happen, photon just doesn't make shit sense to me at all lol :P Im too intimidated at this point, but maybe in the future :)
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Re: Mouse Lock - Resets mouse position to screen center?
« Reply #16 on: August 05, 2013, 05:31:07 PM »
Keep going with the multiplayer thing, but tet photon out in a totally clean proj. Mine is Photon (and weirdly starts with an asteroid too, no ice age... just alien spores.. you know.. the usual.. Damn those spores! Photon is a Head ache, Im not there yet either, but getting there...