Author Topic: Converting cs script into playmaker code  (Read 2722 times)


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Converting cs script into playmaker code
« on: July 20, 2013, 04:57:54 AM »

I am working with the kinect and unity3d and integrating it into custom playmaker actions with varied success.

I am currently trying to convert a working cs script into a playmaker action but when I do it doesnt work correctly.

The original script is called pointManController.cs
The playmaker version is called playmakerKinectMan.cs

I am hoping to make the scripts available to users once they are all setup.
The plugin I am using is:

(NOTE: I have been in contact with the developer and am working with him. He is a great guy and very helpful. He is looking into using playmaker but is new to it and thats way I thought to come to the playmaker guros to seek help.)
- Jonathan

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