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Array, playerpref.Genuine check.
« on: August 04, 2011, 11:13:09 AM »
Well i have some action I would see. I guess i can find alot more along the time.
I have no clue how to do action script, so I just ask here about those i know just now.

1. Android/iphone you need to check if your app is genuine or not to be able to hinder people that has not genuine copy to use it. Its a big problem and there is better way then this..

But what i want this action to to is:
isApplicationGenuineAvailable  = true/false
If isApplicationGenuineAvailable is true then it shall check  isApplicationGenuine = true/false.
   If isApplicationGenuine is false then you shall move it to an event,  like loading a new scene with a warning and then quit the game.
   If isApplicationGenuine is true it can also use an event to load the game or the level you want.
If isApplicationGenuineAvailable is false then you cant check isApplicationGenuine so you shall
 go to an other event so the user can continue to use the program.

I can do this very easy in java script, but right now it would be better to have it in FSM.
Both my intro and load screens is driven with only FSM, so it would be perfect for that.

2 and 3. Load an array and sort it if you want. The array can be one object in every post or more in every post.
This is very useful for highscore.
An example.
You have 10 post in playerpref.
Every post has a name and a score.
You load those 10 post into an array.
You also get one new score and name for the player that just played the game.
You add that to the array and sort it.
Then you remove the last one.
Save back the array to playerpref.
Now you got a new highscore list.

But you can use an array to many things. like reading from database...
You could also send this array to the screen to show the data.
If its a highscore list then you have a super smart highscore system.

Those can be done in normal code, but if it was possibly to use FSM for those to then playmaker would be awesome for that to and I guess many mobile developer would be very happy.


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Re: Array, playerpref.Genuine check.
« Reply #1 on: August 23, 2011, 04:03:50 AM »

 I replied on a clean thread for easier search: