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« on: August 05, 2011, 05:34:49 AM »
Well i have found a bug.
The problem is that I really dont know ware or way.

The bug is like this.
When i compile the game and use "development build" it run just fine.
no error at all.
When i untick "development build" the whole game become very unstable and crash all the time
in the menus.
The other games i made that dont have playmaker just compile fine and they are no problem to run.
Also I do use ungui and that kind in this new game.
But its working just great in development build.

Have any had this kind of strange errors?
I really cant figure it out.
First I did think it was for the genuine check i did in the menu, but its not.
if I remove the code it still the same.
The only thing i know it crash when I use ongui button to start the game or show the highscore.
But why does it only happens when I do a real build?
Im not 100% sure its playmaker, but it seems like that right now.
I need to make a test project to see if i can get any information about this. :(