Author Topic: Action Requests : Reading-info-from-text-file-and-loading-3d-models-using-it  (Read 1776 times)


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I want to inquire if this is even possible in palymaker like Unity3d

Want to do something like:
1:split your text content per line and put it in an array:
2: go through each line and split it using "=", put the first item as a key and the second as value in a hastable.


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 Yes, use ArrayMaker for this. it has a function "splitTextToArrayList".

then you will end up with each lines. and to further dissect it, you woul dneed some custom actions tho...

 I'll see if I have time to do that this week, as it would be useful indeed.





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Take a look at this I think I may have an unfinished action for this in playmaker, have not touched it in several months but the get/set action will probably be helpful here.

while it only supports .obj format its a far more popular format than .3ds (that I am gathering you wanted as the link you posted referenced .3ds file format) and any 3d modeling program that can open a .3ds should easily export it to .obj format.