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Mobile Joystick & touchpad
« on: July 01, 2014, 02:54:22 PM »
Not sure if this has already been requested, but it would be really nice if there was a mobile joystick action built into Playmaker that could be attached to a GUI texture. It would simplify the process of making mobile controls.

Here are the options it could have:

1. Lock movement to 2D or 3D (allows joystick to be used for side scrollers and 3D games, prevents accidental depth movement on a 2D or 2.5D side scroller).

2. Make joystick texture invisible when not being touched

3. Static position or dynamic position (static position means joystick will always be in the same place, dynamic means that the center of the joystick will move depending on where the player originally touched).

4. Variable movement speed (allows for a gradual walk-run speed transition depending on how far the joystick is being pushed, or you can disable this option and have the character go straight to running).

5. Set joystick as touch pad

6. Set touchpad touch area size (simple transparent box comes up to show a visual representation of touch area, similar to GUI button creation). This would all be done using the standard transform scale values (not pixel inset) in order to keep the size consistent across all screen resolutions.

7. Sensitivity and inverted options.

Having this action with these options would greatly speed up the creation of mobile controls set up which is a huge part of making a mobile game. The standard FPS control script that comes with Unity mobile assets works OK but it has a lot of issues. For example, the standard script relies heavily on pixel inset values. This is very frustrating when making a game for Android where you have to support many screen sizes and resolutions.

I hope this idea gets considered for a future update.