Author Topic: Action to set a global texture variable? I can set fsm texture... no global Var.  (Read 1072 times)


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Why cant i find an action to set a global variable of type texture? I see set fsm texture. and thats exactly what im using but... thats a pain why cant i just set a global texture variable

Right now I set the fsm texture of another object using set fsm texture and then use a third to "get fsm texture" from the second. If i could directly set the global texture variable I'd be happier because there'd be no need for a middle man object that just sits there having its textures set by other objects and then grabbed from others that's the job of a variable not a game object... Do I need write an action to set a global texture variable or am I missing a feature that playmaker already has?   ???
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 I think you are getting confused with the concept of global variables vs local variables on a fsm and the meaning of "set fsm xxx".

you can't expect a global variable being listed in actions "Set fsm xxx" because indeed this is meant to set a variable that is local to the targeted fsm.

 and now I realized that indeed you are missing an action to set a global texture :)

 You can get it from the Ecosystem browser or download it here: