Author Topic: How to reset an NGUI scroll panel and contents when activated/deactivated?  (Read 1890 times)


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can anyone please tell me how i reset a ngui scroll panel and everything it contains to their original positions when activated/deactivated?

what im trying to do is have all the ngui panels deactivated then activate them when needed.

However i have store items in scroll panels that, if for instance, i scroll some items, then deactivate the panel and then reactivate it, all the buttons, labels etc etc are all messed up in the wrong positions.

i guess i would like to reset the panel to how it was at the start of the game every time its activated or deactivated.

looking on ngui forums i found this SpringPanel.Begin() or ResetContentPosition() but how do i do that/use that with playmaker please?

many thanks.


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Did you ever find a way to accomplish this?