Author Topic: multiple popup lists seem to conflict and reset to the default value.  (Read 1358 times)


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I'm using Playmaker with NGUI.
On one of my options pages I'm using several popups - storing the result in global variables and want to return to the page again with the settings remembered - rather than have to reapply them.

This works, but if I click on a popup again the 'Get Event Info' action (I'm using 'Get String Data') seems to first take the Data from the previous popup used (no matter what it was) - only setting it to what it should be when a selection is actually made.
The global variables remain fine until I renter the scene - but then they change to their defaults.
I've tried using both On Select and On Selection Change but they seem to fire on entering the scene and reset the global variables.

I've tried resetting the values manually from the global variables, but as soon as I click on a popup the previous popups data gets read.

I've spent days on this now and its driving me insane.
(I've even tried putting in wait actions to reset the variables after they've been reset - but wait doesn't seem to work in the fsm when using 'NGUI/On select' or NGUI/On selection change'.

Anyone had anything similar, or know how I can do this neatly?
(BTW - I'm uptodate with both NGUI and Playmaker versions.)

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