Author Topic: Compiler Error on with Unity 5 - AddComponent.cs obsolete?  (Read 1892 times)


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Hey, I'm trying to build an apk for Android and it fails on

Assets/PlayMaker/Actions/AddComponent.cs(56,88): warning CS0618: `UnityEngineInternal.APIUpdaterRuntimeServices.AddComponent(UnityEngine.GameObject, string, string)' is obsolete: `Unable to resolve the type specified in parameter 'name' at api updating time. Delegating to APIUpdaterRuntimeServices.AddComponent(). In order to be able to build the game, replace this call with GameObject.AddComponent<T>() / GameObject.AddComponent(Type)'

It doesn't allow me to run the API updater on it, and I'm not confident enough to change it myself :) Any ideas?


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Re: Compiler Error on with Unity 5 - AddComponent.cs obsolete?
« Reply #1 on: March 08, 2015, 11:46:37 PM »

 I am not sure you have the right version. Can you double check on this AddComponent.cs script that line 68 you have this:

Code: [Select]
        // Temporary Type Helper for 1.7.8