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Playmaker timing issue
« on: March 27, 2015, 12:38:31 AM »
I have developed a sniper game using Playmaker and built as android and ios platforms. While playing my game on android and ipad , it is operated equally as game scene in Unity development window.
But while playing on windows phone, it is not operated equally as game scene.
For example:
In my game i use animator with playmaker. And playmaker editor, i set animator bool variable of game object.
-When i press shoot button, the idle state of enemy is changed to attack state.
But the enemy is still idle state.
-And on "hide" state , after 2 second ,  hide state is changed to attack state.
but enemy  is also still on "hide" state.

-In enemy FSM ("AIFSM"), i create "WaitTillFinished" state in order to wait until current animation state is finished.
I implement this by the following FSM.
float state time=GetAnimatorCurrentStateInfo(currentLoopProgress)
float compare(state time,0.95) greater than finished.
After this "WaitTillFinished", enemy state can go on to other state.

I think game play issue in my game is caused by  "WaitTillFinished".
Because enemy animation state is stayed on this state.
And playmaker timing is not equally on windows phone as game scene.
Is my opinion is correct? Is there other reason?

Please tell me the reason.
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