Author Topic: Editor constantly jamming-Unity 5/Playmaker [SOLVED]  (Read 742 times)


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Hi, I'm experiencing this recurrent issue with my editor ever since I started working with Unity 5. I've a new project on and the latest Playmaker version. Every time I go out of play mode and make a given change within an FSM and then return to playmode - the changes made don't take place(or get erased). I'm managing to get around this problem by constantly clicking on the edit button of different FSM's  to make sure the changes really happened before I go on play mode again but this has become a serious pain. Any suggestions?
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Re: Editor constantly jamming-Unity 5/Playmaker
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There's a bug with Lock and Unity 5. It's fixed in 1.8 and we're working on getting that released as soon as possible. In the meantime, either avoid using Lock, or use the Edit workaround... sorry for the inconvenience!!