Author Topic: Features to further support working with variables, including "Constants".  (Read 957 times)


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Hi All,

I had a few ideas that would further support variables and also what I would loosely refer to as "constants". These are not constants in the pure sense, but rather variables that are not to be set within the Fsm, or to be set only once. Or, if its a global variable, one that is not set by any Fsm, are only one specific Fsm.

In any of the cases above, I think it would be great if there was some way to specify this and have it enforced. Such as by causing an error, preferably with an automatic break point to the place where this error occurred.

Also, or instead, I think it would be great if Tooltip and Category information for a variable, if there is any, appeared when the pointer hovered over the use of it in an action. Thus, if I had "const" as a Tooltip or Category, it would be easy to see when looking at it where it was used.

In addition, I think it would be great to set a color for a variable's name, or for variable Category. This way, for instance, I could have all variables I use as constants show up in blue.

I currently don't like to use category feature much because it prevents me from being able to see all variables together alphabetically in the Variable listing when I wish to do so. I think it would be helpful the Name column in the Variables side panel listing had the header "Name/Category". If one clicks on Name, all variables show in alphabetical order. If one clicks on Category, all categories show up, with the ability to click on them to see what is in each category. Or, perhaps optionally, another column could be used to show what category each variable is in.

I have a tendency to use long variable names and custom action names to help with documentation. I would love see a preference to set how wide the side panel is, or a way to adjust that, so the view of my names would not be cut as short as they currently are.

Thanks for your consideration. ~ Aaron3D 8)


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Re: Features to further support working with variables, including "Constants".
« Reply #1 on: November 25, 2015, 11:42:05 PM »
Hi Aaron :)

 Constants would be good of course, but it brings more on the table, like the ability to declare a variable as private, so that other fsm can't even see it when using "set Fsm XXX" or "Get Fsm XXX".

For variable coloring, that would be great indeed. I think Events too shoudl have colors, especially/at least to lift the usual confusion between builtin/System events and custom events you create yourself.

For layout, I would simply decouple the whole PlayMaker editor in 5 distinct window that we can then layout the way we want using Unity layout system.

- Fsm Canvas
- FSM tab ( which is the inspector, so we rarely need this)
- State
- Events
- Variables

if these 5 views become independant, it would be great indeed.