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tinder-like swipe action
« on: April 13, 2017, 11:35:33 AM »
hello, i'd like to create a tinder-like swipe action.

that means: i want to drag an object by touching the screen and move it along the x-axis right or left. when i swipe along a certain amount of the screen size i want the object to move to a certain position. if it does not reach the certain amount i want the object to get back to it's place.

i've managed to create the swipe action. could anyone give me advice on how to do the drag thing? should i create a second FSM thats stopped by an event the other FSM when the certain amount then the (for example 25% of the screen) is reached?

how can i do the dragging. i especially want it to drag one certain object, no matter which part of the screen the player is touching :)

edit: by the way i have already searched the forum, but does anyone know if easy-touch 5 has an option like that included?
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