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mouse pick to select camera
« on: May 26, 2017, 12:08:22 PM »
I have recently updated to unit 5.6 and have had an issue where, due to physx removing support for non-convex meshes as triggers, part of my UI no longer works as I was using a mesh to get specific areas of the UI and send event back to unity.

so, as usual with game dev, tying to find solutions to fix issues - I have just spent ages trying to use the mouse pick actions, mostly mouse pick 2d and sprites - long story short - my UI is not on the main camera (I am using an old version of ngui)

So I done a whole load of testing, when the main camera is on and the object is in view of this camera - it works - when I then move it in front of the UI camera it no longer works.

Looking at all the other screen/mouse pick actions they all seem to use the main camera - is it possible to amend them to allow the user to select the camera they want to ray cast from, this would make all those scripts a lot more versatile.