Author Topic: multiple copies of Playmaker for teaching, group projects...?  (Read 1571 times)


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I volunteered to help teach Unity at an afterschool girl's club, and I've almost got them convinced to switch to Playmaker since C# coding is not going over so great (one girl announced she would rather kill herself than use C#  ::) lol). So before I try to push it through the budget-approval process, I have some questions since I am likely the one who would be installing, etc.

1. Can a non-profit (501(c)3) qualify for the PlayMaker student discount? What paperwork would they need to provide? (they are a .org not a .edu)

2. They'll need 6-8 seats of Playmaker that would all live on the same network. The computers are iMacs with Unity Personal installed (which don't need a Unity3D account).... Does this effect PlayMaker at all?

3. Will the computers need to be logged in to a Unity acct to use PlayMaker..., or can I login just to install, then log out...? Errrr, I don't actually know how/if Playmaker "phones home"..., or Unity for that matter....

4. They are talking about building an epic "group project" (later, sometime next fall). I understand there are limits to how projects can be shared/merged.... I also read (somewhere) there is a way to export a "play-only" scene/bundle of a playmaker project.... It's probably ridiculously ambitious, but (for instance) if one group animates a character using PM, can that be imported to a later "group project", or would we be rebuilding it? This would most likely be like a "movie" to show parents, not a released game – so the goal would be to have everyone directly contribute some aspect, even if it is not terribly efficient or logical to do so....

Sorry if these are a dumb questions. Multiple seats of Unity/Playmaker is all new to me so basic advice is appreciated.

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Re: multiple copies of Playmaker for teaching, group projects...?
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 you shoud email  HutongGames directly for this kind of questions:

Good luck with this!