Author Topic: any fsm viewed during play mode ticks all its events to global, remains after.  (Read 1018 times)


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playmaker 1.8.3
unity 5.4.1f1 (p or f?)
windows 10 64 bit

I submitted a bug report, but now I know how to reliably reproduce this.

Any fsm viewed during play mode ticks all its events to global, and they remain ticked after exiting play mode. For real, I have watched the program tick them all upon launching play mode, while already viewing the events tab. Obnoxious to have to go through and untick them every time, and probably not great for performance to have a million "1 through 18" events as global events. also, will it affect performance?

What gives? is it a bug or some setting?


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Could you record a screencast of this happening? maybe there is a specific set of steps to reach this bug.

 there is no penalty ( and of course we need to fix this in all cases...)
 a global event is only mark softly within the interface. you can actually from code send any event to any fsm, but for the sake of structuring and sanity the global event flag is here to limit this in menus and dropdowns and the logic itself.