Author Topic: Unity 5.6.0 playmaker problem"The variable UiTarget of PlayMakerUGuiComponentPr"  (Read 1521 times)


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While trying to create a button i get this error. Any help will be appreciated.

UnassignedReferenceException: The variable UiTarget of PlayMakerUGuiComponentProxy has not been assigned.
You probably need to assign the UiTarget variable of the PlayMakerUGuiComponentProxy script in the inspector.
UnityEngine.GameObject.GetComponent[Button] () (at C:/buildslave/unity/build/artifacts/generated/common/runtime/GameObjectBindings.gen.cs:38)
PlayMakerUGuiComponentProxy.SetupUiListeners () (at Assets/PlayMaker uGui/Proxies/PlayMakerUGuiComponentProxy.cs:264)
PlayMakerUGuiComponentProxy.Start () (at Assets/PlayMaker uGui/Proxies/PlayMakerUGuiComponentProxy.cs:88)


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 Can you make a screenshot of your proxy component? Likely the proxy was dropped on a gameobject that has no known UI element.