Author Topic: SetAnimatorIKGoal & SetAnimatorLookAt not working in 2017.1p2 (SOLVED)  (Read 1641 times)


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I've actually posted this into an earlier thread, then thought it would be a good idea to post it here.

These features are not working as of Unity 2017.1p2.

I've added the Playmaker Animator IK Proxy as well, just so you know.

In runtime they're giving yellow warnings:

Setting and getting Body Position/Rotation, IK Goals, Lookat and BoneLocalRotation should only be done in OnAnimatorIK or OnStateIK
HutongGames.PlayMaker.Actions.SetAnimatorLookAt:DoSetLookAt() (at Assets/PlayMaker/Actions/Animator/SetAnimatorLookAt.cs:141)
HutongGames.PlayMaker.Actions.SetAnimatorLookAt:OnEnter() (at Assets/PlayMaker/Actions/Animator/SetAnimatorLookAt.cs:105)
HutongGames.PlayMaker.FsmState:ActivateActions(Int32) (at c:/Users/Alex/Documents/Unity/Playmaker/Projects/Playmaker.source.unity/Assets/PlayMaker/Classes/FsmState.cs:199)
HutongGames.PlayMaker.FsmState:OnEnter() (at c:/Users/Alex/Documents/Unity/Playmaker/Projects/Playmaker.source.unity/Assets/PlayMaker/Classes/FsmState.cs:169)
HutongGames.PlayMaker.Fsm:EnterState(FsmState) (at c:/Users/Alex/Documents/Unity/Playmaker/Projects/Playmaker.source.unity/Assets/PlayMaker/Classes/Fsm.cs:2670)
HutongGames.PlayMaker.Fsm:SwitchState(FsmState) (at c:/Users/Alex/Documents/Unity/Playmaker/Projects/Playmaker.source.unity/Assets/PlayMaker/Classes/Fsm.cs:2628)
HutongGames.PlayMaker.Fsm:UpdateStateChanges() (at c:/Users/Alex/Documents/Unity/Playmaker/Projects/Playmaker.source.unity/Assets/PlayMaker/Classes/Fsm.cs:2556)
HutongGames.PlayMaker.Fsm:Start() (at c:/Users/Alex/Documents/Unity/Playmaker/Projects/Playmaker.source.unity/Assets/PlayMaker/Classes/Fsm.cs:1851)
PlayMakerFSM:Start() (at c:/Users/Alex/Documents/Unity/Playmaker/Projects/Playmaker.source.unity/Assets/PlayMaker/PlayMakerFSM.cs:501)


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Re: SetAnimatorIKGoal & SetAnimatorLookAt not working in 2017.1p2
« Reply #1 on: August 15, 2017, 10:36:41 AM »
Nope, sorry they're working. I forgot to enable the IK pass in the Animator Layer. I'll mark this solved and leave it just in case someone else bumps into this problem.


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Re: SetAnimatorIKGoal & SetAnimatorLookAt not working in 2017.1p2 (SOLVED)
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 yes, please ignore these warnings, they will be gone in the next update of PlayMaker, they don't affect the actions at all.