Author Topic: Replacements For Unity's Character Controller  (Read 390 times)


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Replacements For Unity's Character Controller
« on: May 15, 2019, 10:46:31 AM »

I find myself at a roadblock, I am an Artist (unfortunately lacking C# experience). I have managed to do almost everything with playmaker and Unity with no other extensions.  However, it comes do to the simple fact that the Standard Unity Character Controller is so limited in use cases.

Has anyone found any alternatives for the CC (Something that can be integrated with playmaker, that functions similarly to the CC but with Custom Collider shapes)

I looked on the asset store, at something called "Third Person Controller" by Opsive.   I read the documentation and wasn't quite sure how limiting it was, I already have all of my input, camera, animation systems set up and am just looking for a different Player Collision detection system on par with the CC but with additional features for more advanced interactions with the environment.

For Humanoids I have managed to make the CC work for what I needed, but when it comes to quadrupeds there is not good solution I can figure out.  Either the CC's radius needs to be way to large, or the CC's position is moved to far forwards to stop intersection but it leaves the back of the model without collision detection.

Any suggestions on where to go from here would be great.