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Collapsible Sub-Graphs
« on: September 20, 2019, 08:01:35 AM »
I'm very visual, so I don't pile actions into states to scroll through unless totally necessary. Being able to draw a square around a bunch of linear states (all with FINISHED as their only exit), and hit "collapse into a single big chunk", would improve editor performance for me.

I could probably save editor performance by combining all these states into one, and having a giant list to scroll through, but my brain has a hard time keeping track of all that. Scrolling lists totally blow, in a visual graph editor. I never want to see a list but want to be able to see all the pieces laid out on a table in a graph view like the main playmaker view like in the attached image. If Sub Graphs were implemented, being able to click the main big chunk to go into a clean sub-graph with JUST those states, would be very useful. Like how you can now click a prefab in a scene to go into a view with just that prefab, and edit just that prefab, save, and then go back out to the bigger scene view. If I ever change away from using playmaker, it will be because of the reduced performance from big FSMs without being able to do this.

This performance thing is a bigger issue now, because as soon as I add any GET or COMPONENT or GET/SET FSM variable actions, performance slows to a crawl in that FSM. I fully tested and confirmed this, and I've linked to that bug report below. The result, though, is that editing new state names, adding new states, etc. gets laggy in larger fsms, and having sub-graphs would help this. My brain goes SO FAST in empty fsms, and the fsms can keep up until I start adding GET FSM actions. Sometimes I make those states brown (poop colored) so I can go through and disable those actions while editing, then hopefully remember to re enable them before going into play mode.   link to that bug report:
Unity Version: 2019.2.0f1
Playmaker Version: 1.9.0.p18
I'll make a bug report about that one.
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