Author Topic: Best way to simulate concurrency in very large battles? (50 vs 50)  (Read 954 times)


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Having no problems with PM so far, and things are pretty smooth. 
Only issue (as expected) is when there are large numbers of characters on screen.

What I did (test #1): Zombie vs Marines game -- Added 50 marines on scene against 50 zombies.  All advanced AI-controlled.   There are hundreds of bullets, rockets, and explosions flying around. Everything is smooth.  Tested 60 FPS average on a "typical" high end laptop these days.

The units are laid out with 5 to a row, 10 rows each (for 50 units per team).  The army rows face opposite each other.

The problem? As soon as the scene starts, only the first rows of each army are "activated"  Only after ~5 seconds, the next few rows of soldiers move in and shoot.  It looks like the next rows of soldiers only move after the rows before it have already moved a bit.

So, instead of a live real time strategy battle, now it looks like a turn-based battle.

----- Test #2: -------
When I reduce the unit count from 50vs50 to 15vs15, ALL units attack and move at the same time. 

It appears that a soldier's action blocks the next soldier's process until the first soldier's action is done, and this becomes very apparent in very large battles.

What's the best way to simulate everyone moving at same time, with lots of units on screen?

Any way to use more than 1 thread in PM?