Author Topic: TextMesh 3d text property (set property) works on pc but not on android device  (Read 2636 times)


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I am using Set Property to change the text of a 3d TextMesh on some event, and it works great when I run the game on the PC but when I deploy to any Android device it just doesn't change.

I've tried with a HTC Evo 3D, a Photon 4G, and a Galaxy Tab 7 Plus, no luck on any of them.

Is there some trick to make Set Property work correctly or am I doing something wrong?

Thanks guys

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I know this is years old but having the exact same problem today with ios. Set Property of the Text Mesh text attribute works in editor preview mode on my Mac but on iOS the text mesh does not update and is fixed on it's original value.

Is this a Playmaker or Unity issue? Any info would be very helpful.


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 It's likely due to the linker.xml that is not defined so that Unity includes all classes used in your code, and because "setProperty" uses Reflections, Unity is missing that use of that particular class.

Can you try this linker wizard, dedicated to PlayMaker?