Author Topic: Slide Show Swipe Gesture Event Skips a Slide  (Read 51 times)


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Slide Show Swipe Gesture Event Skips a Slide
« on: September 16, 2018, 12:52:16 PM »
Hi to all. I am working on Slide Show function (where you move slides - but not camera by using Swipe Gesture Event and Animator Play) So I have bunch of slides attached to Game object "Whole" in X direction away from the screen, I have created buttons and animation for each slide and that runs like a dream but since it is going to be released on Mobile Devices, I really want to add same functionality as the buttons but with swiping. So user would have both options. Anyway I created empty game object on Slide 1 Then added fsm to swipe left and that runs like a dream, Then I did the same to slide 2 I added Game object and FSM to swipe right to go back to slide 1 (it work) and then to swipe left to go to slide 3 and that is where I get in trouble. When testing on mobile (Iphone 6) After adding that Slide2 to Swipe Right, Swipe Gesture Event, When starting from Slide 1, it Skips slide 2 and go straight to slide 3. There for it using Animation where it goes from Slide2 to Slide3 or even both animations at the same time. Can't figure way around it... I attached couple of images to get you closer to understand.