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Oculus Go and Gear VR Controller Actions
« on: September 11, 2018, 02:28:54 PM »
For anyone doing Oculus Go or Gear VR projects and who need some custom actions to check for input from the VR controllers, I hope these will be of some use to you in your projects.

They are very basic but can get you up and running fast for prototyping or even to use in production.

For now you can find these on my Github account:

GetVRButtonDown.cs - Checks if any of the buttons have been pressed on the controllers and sends events based on what was pressed. It also checks if dpad was swiped left, right, up and down.

GetVRButtonLongPress.cs - Checks if the trigger or dpad is being Held down. You can use this action in two states by having one state to check when button is down, and another state to check when it is released and use other Playmaker actions with it to time how long it was down.

GetVRButtonUp.cs - Checks when the trigger or dpad buttons have been released.

GetVRDpadTouch.cs - This one uses the capacitive touch feature on the dpad to check if the dpad is touched but not pressed down, e.g. finger is resting on the dpad but not pressing it down. It also checks if the finger is not touching the dpad. This can be useful to add an additional type of control.

I still need to look at adding them to Ecosystem in near future. I may still add more features to these custom actions, I'm still testing them myself. I think adding some other actions could be useful such as checking the "magnitude" of a swipe and checking the 3D position of the controller for games like golf or tennis. I'm quite new to writing actions so will need to give those more thought :) There is a readme file with instructions to get them working on my Github site. You just need Oculus Utilities for Unity which you can download for free from the Oculus developer website and must place the OVRManager anywhere in your scene provided with Oculus Utilities for Unity.
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