Author Topic: Strange PUN 2 Behavior - Global events sent from random FSMs  (Read 126 times)


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Pic attached (using Unity 2019.3.5f1 and PM 1.9 p19)

I'm instantiating a prefab that gets viewed over the PUN. The scene's Connection Controller FSM (borrowed from the Demo) has custom states added to the "on joined room" global event to do the instantiate. All worked great for a while. But now I'm getting events sent by other FSMs on the instantiated game object. If I disable an offending FSM, the next FSM on the object will send the event. But none of these FSMs are setup to send ANY events.

What could possibly be causing the bogus events? In the example screenshot, Spectator2:IsMine contains no send event actions anywhere in the FSM. It ends up causing the object to keep instantiating and gets stuck in a loop.   

Any help would be terrific.

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Re: Strange PUN 2 Behavior - Global events sent from random FSMs
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 Very odd. the log is likely corrupted at this point. Can you visit all your states and action that actually send that event and double check that the logic itself could be faulty?

If you instantiate that object manually ( using create gameobject action), does it do that too ( force ismine to true to verify both logic path)

 Do that first and then get back to me with the results.